Linode 13周年活动 免费升级内存

Linode 13周年活动,为所有用户免费升级内存,东京除外。

免费升级立即可用。在你的Linode的仪表板的顶部,您将看到升级的一面旗帜。这应该是一个按钮,只需按下和许多你重新启动,但有时迁移将需要 – 这通常只需要几分钟。

此升级仅适用于KVM Linodes可用。传统的Xen Linodes必须能够采取的RAM升级的优势之前,首先要升级到KVM。您可以使用“升级到KVM”链接右下侧你的Linode的仪表板升级的Xen Linodes到KVM。


Linode 1 GB         ->         Linode 2 GB         $10/mo ($0.015/hr)
Linode 2 GB         ->         Linode 4 GB         $20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Linode 4 GB         ->         Linode 8 GB         $40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Linode 8 GB         ->         Linode 12 GB         $80/mo ($0.12/hr)
Linode 16 GB         ->         Linode 24 GB         $160/mo ($0.24/hr)
Linode 32 GB         ->         Linode 48 GB         $320/mo ($0.48/hr)
Linode 48 GB         ->         Linode 64 GB         $480/mo ($0.72/hr)
Linode 64 GB         ->         Linode 80 GB         $640/mo ($0.96/hr)
Linode 96 GB         ->         Linode 120 GB         $960/mo ($1.44/hr)


The free upgrade is available immediately. At the top of your Linode’s dashboard you will see the upgrade banner. It should be just the press of a button and a reboot for many of you, however sometimes a migration will be required – which typically just takes a few minutes.

This upgrade is available only for KVM Linodes. Legacy Xen Linodes will have to first upgrade to KVM before being able to take advantage of the RAM upgrade. You can upgrade your Xen Linodes to KVM using the “Upgrade to KVM” link on the lower-right side of your Linode’s dashboard.

Unfortunately, since Tokyo is sold out, the upgrade is not available there. We hope to have our second Tokyo facility online before the end of the year.


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